Adoption / Foster Application

Since most of the requirements for fostering are the same as for adopting, the application forms are now the same.  Before starting this application, you will need the following reference information: Your veterinary contact information for current and past pet’s (if applicable), and three personal references with their contact info.  Optional info: You will also be asked to tell us 3 available dogs you may be interested in.  It is important to realize that most likely can you buy essays the dogs noted in your application will have been adopted, or no longer available by the time your review is complete.  THIS IS GOOD NEWS!  These dogs have found forever families, or there were so many applicants for that dog that we moved it to No Longer Accepting Apps.  The cycle time of the review process works this way for all.

Adopting an animal is a life time commitment. An animal of any breed is a living, breathing, thinking, being. It is not like buying an inanimate object that can be tossed out for little reason. This app will become how to write a rogerian essaypart of the adoption contract if you are approved. Only committed homes need apply.

PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEEDING: It takes donations to keep this rescue running, and volunteer’s time and energy to review and process these applications.  For that reason we have instituted an adoption application donation of $10. You will see it at the bottom of the application, before you agree to submit. Your donation will help us help and care for the boxers. It does not ensure that you will be approved to adopt and is not refundable.

Also at the bottom of this app is a feature to “Suspend and Resume” your application. We would prefer that you use this link if you need to gather additional information, or wish to reconsider your answers, or just don’t have time to finish. When you use this link, your answers to your application is saved, and no donation fee is sent. You will be asked to enter an email address to send a link to resume your application. The link can be used for up to 30 days.

When you have successfully submitted your application, you will be returned to this page and a Thank You Note will appear below. (This form is still under construction)